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February 01, 2022 5 min read


Are you on your way to becoming a grill master? These grilling hacks will assist you in conquering the flames and improving your grilling techniques. Let's get started.


Grilling Hacks


1) Condiment Bar

 condiment bar in cupcake tin ketchup mustard onions relish

Credit: Winkgo


Muffin pans can be used for more than just baking. Fill a muffin tin with your favorite condiments, such as mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and relish, for a quick and simple condiment bar. To make cleanup quick and easy, prepare ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator.


2) Marinade for Glaze

 meat with brushed marinade

Credit: Mr. Food


Before grilling, many people like to marinate their meat for a few hours or overnight. It enhances the flavor of the meat while also adding moisture. However, once the steak or chicken piece has been marinated, the marinade is frequently discarded. Save some of that lovely juice to use as a glaze while you're cooking for even more flavor and caramelization.


3) Ice on Burgers

 ice cube melting on burgers on bbq

Credit: Gourmet Grillmaster


Looking for a quick and easy way to cook a delicious burger? Once the burgers are on the grill, make ice cubes out of the beef broth and gently press one into the center of each burger. The ice will melt and flow into and around the meat, moistening it and keeping it from drying out. Regular ice cubes and a pad of frozen butter also work.


4) Clean Your Grill With an Aluminum Foil Ball

 cleaning grill with aluminum foil ball

Credit: CNET


If your grill is crusty and you don't want to spend a lot of money on a brush, a ball of aluminum foil will suffice. To clean the grates, fold up a sheet of aluminum foil into a tight ball and scrape it against them. The ball will behave like steel wool, assisting in the removal of burnt-on debris.


5) Poach Your Sausages

 sausages cooking on high flame grill

Credit: Good Housekeeping


Cooking uncooked hot dogs on a grill can take a long time if you don't follow this expert advice. Before grilling, poach your sausage, kielbasa, or brat. They'll cook faster and bring you to flavor town faster than just using the grill.


6) Use Lemons

 cooking fish on lemons on bbq

Credit: Marth Stewart


This multi-purpose technique prevents fish fillets from clinging to the grill grates while also infusing your final dish with lemon flavor. Slice a lemon into rounds and arrange as many as you need on the grill to support your chosen size of fish. Then, on top of those lemon slices, place the fish directly and grill as usual. This method will infuse flavor into the fish.


7) Using a Cut Onion To Clean Your Cooking Surface

 using onion to clean and flavor bbq grill

Credit: 10Best


Forget about those fancy grilling gadgets; all you need to do is halve an onion and run it up and down each rung to wipe the grit off the grate. The acidity will cut through any remaining grease and filth, and it will give your next dish a delicate onion flavor.


8) Using Hot Water, Check Your Propane Levels

 tank of propane for bbq

Credit: The Kitchn


Pour a glass of boiling water over the propane tank's side. Next, feel the tank to determine when it transitions from hot to cold to the touch. The hot portions will show where it's empty, while the colder areas will show where it's full of propane. This is a wonderful way to check on your propane level.


9) Keep an Apple Juice Spray Bottle on Hand

 spraying food on bbq with apple juice for flavor

Credit: Grilled


Fill a spray bottle halfway with apple juice and keep it near your grill the next time you cook. Spray it on your slices of meat while they're cooking to add taste, moisture, and a hint of sweetness.


10) Place a Cast-Iron Skillet on the Grill and Cook Directly in It

 putting iron skillet directly on bbq

Credit: Chicago Tribune


Why not use cast-iron skillets directly on the grill? They're strong and can withstand a lot of heat. You'll get the same fantastic smoky flavor, but you won't have to worry about anything adhering to the grates or falling through.


11) To Fire Your Coals, Use Doritos

 red bag of doritos nachos

Credit: Doritos


Instead of eating your Doritos, save the calories and burn them. If you're in a hurry and don't have any lighter fluid, Doritos work well as a fire starter. They've got the right mix of chemicals, powdered flavors, and oil for combustion (and eating) that lasts long enough to light coals. This method also works nicely for lighting a campfire.


12) Sprinkle Herbs on the Charcoal

 rosemary and herbs on hamburgers on bbq

Credit: Cappers Farm


You can add herbs to the meat and vegetables, but you can also add them to the charcoal if you want to boost the flavor of the dish you're grilling. To enhance the flavor of your grilled fare and make the area surrounding your grill smell beautiful, dust woody herbs like rosemary as well as leafier herbs like basil or sage over charcoal.


13) Soak Your Skewers

 vegetables on bbq skewers

Credit: Lifehacker


Meat or veggie kebabs are almost incomparably delicious. If you're grilling a large group of people, soak the skewers in water for an hour (or two) before using them to prevent them from scorching. This will keep the veggies from drying out, burning, or smoking before you're ready to take them off the grill.


14) DIY Smoker

 make your own smoker bbq

Credit: MyRecipes


Do you yearn for the smokey flavor of real barbecue? With just three ingredients: water, a tin pan, and wood chips, you can turn your gas or charcoal grill into a DIY smoker. For a charcoal grill, Place your charcoal briquettes on one half of the grill, with pre-soaked wood chips on top, and a disposable tin pan filled halfway with water or apple juice (for extra taste) on the other.

If your gas grill doesn't have a specialized wood chip compartment, put your pre-soaked wood chips in a tin pan, cover them with tin foil, and poke holes in it for ventilation. To circulate the smoke flavor and infuse your meats, light the grill underneath the chips and cook on the opposite side.


15) Use Canned Wine

 spatch cock chicken on bbq burnt

Credit: Serious Eats


Although beer can chicken is well-known, why not experiment with other canned beverages to flavor your bird? Canned wine (such as rosé) or even soda can add an unusual flavor to your chicken and turn it into a conversation starter.


16) Use White Sliced Bread

 burnt piece of white sliced bread on bbq

Credit: BBC Science Focus Magazine


Every grill has naturally hotter parts, although they aren't always evident. Covering the surface of your grill with slices of white bread is one approach to have a better understanding of it. Some slices will be pale (cold areas) after a few seconds, while others will be burned (the hot spots). This toasted bread technique can help you improve your grilling skills and ensure your food is completely cooked.




Whether it's fish, hot dogs, or burger patties, this complete guide will ensure that by the time summer arrives, you'll be a master of the flames in no time. Get a complete grilling set from Pepe Nero and become a grilling pro. Add us to your cart today!


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