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November 02, 2022 4 min read


A cutting board is a crucial kitchen appliance. It is designed to prevent knives from scratching or harming the countertops. Additionally, it helps with kitchen tasks like cutting and food preparation. Finding cutting boards that are dishwasher safe is difficult. In this blog, we'll go over the best dishwasher-safe cutting board materials along with our top 3 suggestions.


Which Cutting Boards are Dishwasher Safe?


Cutting boards can be easily and effectively cleaned by putting them in the dishwasher. However, not all cutting boards can be washed this way. The following materials are normally dishwasher safe:


1) Plastic Cutting Boards

 A white plastic chopping board with some vegetable being prepared

Credit: Envato Element/ krushon


A plastic cutting board is composed of BPA-free polypropylene. This material is mild on blades, non-porous, and doesn't retain odors. Plastic boards require little maintenance and are dishwasher safe, so even repeated washings won't cause damage.


2) Silicone Cutting Boards

 A person chopping some vegetables on a blue silicone chopping board

Credit: Envato Element/ lakobchuk


Silicone cutting boards are typically color-coded and sold in sets. They are odorless, simple to keep clean, and dishwasher safe.


3) Composite Cutting Boards

 A recycled wooden chopping board with a knife and lettuce

Credit: Epicurean


Composite cutting boards are made from recycled paper and environmentally friendly wood fiber. Unlike wooden boards, composite cutting boards can be washed in the dishwasher and do not need any particular care.


4) Stainless Steel Cutting Boards

 A stainless steel chopping board with some fresh vegetables being prepared

Credit: Hemico


Stainless steel cutting boards are composed of corrosion-resistant, non-porous, unbreakable 304 food-grade stainless steel. These boards are hygienic and don't frequently harbor bacteria, stains, or odors. They are simple to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.


5) Glass Cutting Boards

 A person chopping potatoes on a glass chopping board

Credit: Bob Villa


Glass can be washed in the dishwasher since it is a robust material that won't deform. However, keep in mind that using glass boards daily can cause your knife blades to eventually grow dull.


6) Rice Husk Cutting Board

 A green rice husk cutting board with a grater and knife

Credit: Pepe Nero


Cutting boards made of rice husk are relatively new on the market. These boards are safer for the environment than plastic and more moisture-resistant than bamboo and wooden cutting boards. They are lightweight, simple to clean, quickly eliminate odors after drying, and best of all, they are dishwasher safe.


Is It Okay To Put a Wood Cutting Board in the Dishwasher?

 A round oak wooden chopping board on a wooden bench

Credit: Envato Element/ magone


Cutting boards made out of wood are the most popular types of cutting boards. Most wood cutting boards are constructed from blocks of end grain or edge grain wood that have been bonded together. These materials are not dishwasher safe.

The main reason why you should not put a wooden cutting board in your dishwasher is that it will warp and shatter from repeated exposure to heat and water. A warped board will not only be difficult to use for chopping, but it will also attract bacteria, mold, and other germs that feed on water and food particles trapped between the cracks.

In addition to a wood board, other boards that you should avoid putting in the dishwasher are those made of granite and bamboo. While some bamboo cutting boards claim to be dishwasher safe, after several hot dishwasher cycles, they will begin to chip and splinter.


The Best Dishwasher Safe Cutting Boards


Finding a good cutting board that not only serves its needs but also is dishwasher safe is difficult. Below is our list of the best cutting boards that are dishwasher safe:


1)  Pepe Nero 9-in-1 Cutting Board

 A green and white rice husk chopping board and accessories that it comes with

 Credit: Pepe Nero


The Pepe Nero board is the best cutting board if you want a board that can perform multiple functions. This cutting board comes with a cleaver knife, a small paring knife, numerous fruit and vegetable slicers, a collapsible colander, and four other incredibly useful features. It is made of natural rice husk, a wonderful renewable material that is BPA-free and far superior to any cutting board made of wood or glass. It is also extremely sturdy and dishwasher-safe.

The Pepe Nero cutting board is the ideal cooking tool for all your needs. It can be utilized in the smallest places and comes with all the tools you could ever need to whip up a delicious meal.


2)  HOMWE Kitchen Plastic Board

 A white and grey cutting board set from HOMWE

 Credit: Homwe


With this 3-piece HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board set, you can simplify meal preparation and make cleanup simpler. The cutting board has a handle with a non-slip feature to hold it in place, and it includes a juice groove to stop liquids from escaping. Because it is made of a non-porous substance that resists bending, cracking, and deformation, this cutting board is completely dishwasher safe.


3)  Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board with Juice Groove

 A wooden chopping board with a black border with a knife and vegetables being prepared

 Credit: Epicurean


This composite cutting board from Epicurean has the appearance and feel of wood yet is lightweight, strong, and washable like plastic. With dimensions of 14.5" x 11.25", this Gourmet Series cutting board is large enough to carve a full chicken and features a broad well to catch the fluids on one side. It is also thin and light enough to be thrown in the sink or dishwasher for simple cleanup.




Cutting boards made of glass, plastic, metal, composite, and rice husk are generally dishwasher safe, whereas those made of wood and bamboo are not. Before placing a cutting board in the dishwasher, make sure that it is labeled as dishwasher safe.

From the list above, the Pepe Nero chopping board is our top pick. In addition to being dishwasher safe, this cutting board can perform nine functions for a single cost.


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