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Cutting Board 9-in-1

About this item:

  • THE ULTIMATE IN CUTTING BOARDS - this must-have kitchen essential is so easy-to-use, protects your work surfaces and neatly stores all its kitchen accessories. Highly durable, the cutting board is made from natural risk husk, a fabulous renewable material that is BPA-free – far superior to any wood or glass cutting board – and it’s dishwasher safe. Cut, dice, slice and drain endlessly with all the utensils you need at your fingertips.
  • 9-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY whatever tool you need to slice, dice and strain fruit and vegetables is all in one place. Make great healthy fruit snacks, pies and puddings, create inventive salads with various knives, or use the vegetable slicer to chop and dice a whole range of healthy vegetables for hearty meals, ideal for the entire family. Once you’ve done cutting, slicing and dicing, the built-in collapsible colander means you can wash and drain your fruit and veg over the sink, ready to eat.
  • EVERY ACCESSORY YOU NEED IN THE KITCHEN – whether it’s a slicing knife or vegetable slicer, or a durable, natural cutting board, it has all you need in the kitchen to prepare food easily, conveniently and comfortably. The Rice Husk kitchen cutting board incorporates a Big Cleaver Knife and a Small Paring Knife, Fruit and Vegetable Slicers in various shapes, a Collapsible Colander and four more super-handy accessories. The best all-in-one must-have kitchen gadget perfect for making all meals.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR/CAMPING/TRAVELLING – wherever you’re going, take your ultimate kitchen cutting board with you. Its 9-in-1 multi-functionality is perfect for just about any occasion, anywhere. From magical BBQs grilling fish and meat in your backyard or family camping fun, your home kitchen or restaurant, it’s the perfect kitchen gadget. Short on space? No problem. With all the utensils you could need to rustle up the perfect meal, your cutting board can be used in the smallest of spaces.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – struggling for a gift idea? We’ve got it covered. This is the perfect kitchen gadget for anyone that loves preparing food. Our super-handy, multi-functional cutting board and accessories kit make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, new home or university presents, or just a thank you gift. Get yours now and start your kitchen passion.

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