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October 25, 2022 5 min read


Most home cooks have a wide range of spoons in their kitchens, but not everyone is aware of how to use them to their full potential. In this guide, we will learn about the different types of spoons and their intended uses.


Types of Spoons for Cooking


Cooking spoons are made from a range of materials and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs in order to guarantee that they perform their functions as effectively as possible. The following is a list of the most popular types of cooking spoons:


1) Salt Spoon

 A spoon of salt with a glass jar of salt on the side

Credit: Envato Element/ kitzstocker


The salt spoon is a small spoon with a shallow oval bowl and a short handle. It frequently sits next to a salt cellar or bowl at the dining table. The salt spoon never actually touches the food; it is just used to sprinkle salt on it.


2) Sugar Spoon

 A spoon of sugar next to a sugar bowl on a wooden table

Credit: Envato Element/ Antoliy Sadovskiy


Sugar spoons have a short handle and are slightly bigger than salt spoons. The sugar spoon is used to add sugar to beverages and desserts without ever touching the food and goes along with a sugar bowl or basin.


3) Grapefruit Spoon

 A spoon being used to separate the fruit from the rind

Credit: Taste of Home


Grapefruit spoons have serrated edges to make it easier for the user to effortlessly separate the fruit from the rind. It is vital to use caution when using or allowing a young child to use this type of spoon because the serration is sharp enough to unintentionally injure you if you are not paying attention.


4) Measuring Spoons

 A set of black measuring spoons with ingredients in each spoon

Credit: Envato Element/ Merinka


A measuring spoon is a spoon that is used to measure the quantity of a liquid or dry ingredient when cooking. Measuring spoons can be made from plastic, metal, and other materials. They are available in many sizes, including teaspoons and tablespoons.


5) Slotted Spoon

 A black slotted silicone spoon used to drain liquid

Credit: Envato Element/ FabrikaPhoto


Cooking is safer and simpler when using a large silicone slotted spoon with holes and slots for liquid drainage. They also work well for removing food from pans.


6) Ladle

 Three ladles hanging up ready to be used for sauces or soups

Credit: Envato Element/ akophotography


A ladle is a large spoon with a long handle that is used to serve liquid foods like sauces, soups, and stews. They are also used for pouring batter onto pans. Ladles come in a variety of varieties, including slotted, soup, and sauce ladles.


7) Wooden Spoon

 A wooden spoon with berries in the spoon

Credit: Envato Element/ StepanPopov


A wooden spoon is made of wood and is used to prepare and stir delicate and natural dishes. Since it is believed that metal may alter the flavor of delicate foods, a wooden spoon is commonly used instead of one made of metal.


8) Risotto Spoon

 A wooden risotto spoon for stirring to not break any grains

Credit: Envato Element/ Lancaster Cast Iron


Risotto is a form of rice spoon. These are made of wood and have a conventional bowl shape, with one corner that typically (but not always) forms a right angle. A risotto spoon's central hole enables continuous stirring without breaking any grains.


9) Spider Spoon

 3 different size spider spoons used for blanching

Credit: Martha Stewart


A spider spoon is a long-handled spoon with a shallow bowl-shaped fine-mesh basket. A spider is a perfect appliance for blanching vegetables, deep-frying food, and skimming stock. 


10) Spoonula

 A spoonula which is a mix of a spatula and a spoon in red and green

Credit: The Pioneer Women


A Spoonula is a piece of cooking equipment that combines a spoon and a spatula into one device. It is designed as a time-saving tool for cooks who are always on the go. It features an exceptionally deep bowl and can be used as a cooking spoon on the cooktop to stir food as it cooks.


Other Types of Spoons


If you're a cutlery enthusiast, you should have a range of eating and serving spoons in your kitchen in addition to spoons for cooking. Here are some additional spoon varieties:


1) Dessert Spoon

 A desert spoon that is on a white plate ready to be used to eat the cake

Credit: Envato Element/ Redzen2


Dessert spoons have bowls that are much more pointed than rounded. Although they can be used for anything, including soup or cereal, they were made to be used for desserts.


2) Egg Spoon

 3 spoons that are holding 3 white eggs facing each other

Credit: Envato Element/ Rawpixel


Egg spoons are made specifically to be used with hard-boiled eggs on an egg stand. To easily scoop inside the stand, these spoons have a shorter handle and a shorter bowl. Compared to a conventional teaspoon, the tip is sharper and the bowl is rounder.


3) Soup spoons

 A green soup spoon next to a black bowl of noodles, eggs and meat

Credit: Envato Element/ karandaev


A soup spoon has a deeper bowl, making it simple and comfortable for someone to scoop the soup without a mess. There are two varieties of soup spoons: Chinese soup spoons and bouillon soup spoons.

A bouillon spoon is used for light soups and a rounded and shallow bowl. Chinese soup spoons, on the other hand, are used for heavier soups and have a flat bottom bowl and a thick handle.


4) Coffee and Demitasse Spoons

 A demitasse spoon on a tray with a mug of cappuccino

Credit: Envato Element/ Weedezign_photo


For coffee drinkers, there are two types of spoons available: the coffee spoon and the demitasse spoon.

Coffee spoons come with large, rounded bowls that are ideal for measuring but not so great for serving or eating. A demitasse spoon, on the other hand, is smaller than a conventional spoon and is referred to as the "espresso spoon." It is half the size of a typical coffee cup and works wonderfully with an espresso cup.


5) Iced Tea Spoon

 Two iced tea spoons on a wooden board

Credit: Joom


Iced tea spoons are essentially tablespoons with slightly longer handles. The longer handles help to reach the bottom of an iced tea pint glass where the sugar sinks. It ensures that lemon or other flavors are mixed in completely.


6) Bonbon Spoon

 A gold bonbon spoon used to serve almonds and other dry, crumbly spoons

Credit: iStock


A bonbon spoon offers a chic way to dispense food without creating a mess. These can be used to serve bonbons, almonds, and other dry, crumbly foods since they feature a large, flat bowl with holes in it that allow crumbs to fall out.


7) Sauce Spoon

 A sauce spoon used to make a drizzle of sauce over the plate

Credit: Mercer Culinary


The sauce spoon is a shallow serving spoon that is used to drizzle sauce over food. The most popular types of sauce spoons are French sauce spoons and saucier spoons.

A French sauce spoon is generally flat and has a notch on the side. It's used to scoop up the sauce from a savory dish. On the other hand, a saucier spoon guides sauce for a more precise serving of sweet dishes.




As you can see, there are numerous spoon types, and each one has a certain function in your kitchen. Although you might already own most of the above-mentioned spoons, you might not have known how to use them. You can improve your baking, cooking, and entertaining with your newfound spoon expertise!


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