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May 31, 2022 5 min read


Are you a beginner baker? Baking a cake is a difficult task. A single blunder can result in a flat, dense, or eggy outcome. Follow these tips to bake a great cake every time.


1) Read Through the Recipe

 Lady reading recipe

Credit: Taste of Home


Before you begin, read the recipe thoroughly to ensure you understand what to expect and how to bake the cake. This also guarantees that you have all of the necessary components and equipment. Nothing is more depressing than getting halfway through a recipe and realizing you need to rush to the store, or that you should have done something ahead of time, or that you don't have the correct pan or tool.


2) Make Sure Your Ingredients Are at the Correct Temperature

 Baking ingredients

Credit: Simply Recipes


Baking is a fun hobby to pick up, but it is also a science that is heavily influenced by temperature. Make sure your ingredients are warm, cool, chilled, or room temperature if your recipe calls for it. When ingredients aren't stated, it's better to use room temperature because they're easier to combine together for uniform consistency.


3) Always Measure Correctly

 Measuring cup

Credit: Better Home and Gardens


Good bakers measure correctly. Always follow the measurements mentioned in the recipe correctly if you don't want to wind up with a cake disaster! If you don't have certain ingredients mentioned in the recipe, you can search for substitute ingredients to get the same product. Pay close attention to the oven temperature as well; in most cases, traditional oven settings rather than fan-forced oven settings should be used for baking.


4) Sift Dry Ingredients Over Wet Ingredients

 Flour being sifted

Credit: Belleville News


Make sure you sift dry ingredients over wet ingredients. This keeps the cake batter from collapsing and developing lumps. It is recommended to add the dry ingredients in three batches, folding in each one before moving on.


5) Use a Trusted Recipe Source

 Recipe on tablet

Credit: Grotto Network


A thousand recipe websites will instruct you on how to prepare whatever dish you like. But, like with advice, you want to trust the source when it comes to baking. In a good recipe, the components are listed in the order in which they are used. It will be evident whether an ingredient is optional or required, and the oven temperature will be listed at the top so you remember to preheat. Because not all ovens heat evenly and people combine, whip, and stir differently, a well-trusted recipe source will give baking indicators as well as the time needed to bake and prepare the cake.


6) Pay Attention to the Details


 Cake in oven

Credit: King Arthur Baking


Baking is a cooking procedure that does not require any trial and error. To crack the recipe, you must have precise proportions as well as the proper oven conditions (temperature and preheat).

When attempting a new recipe, you should be able to tell when something went wrong based on the thickness of the dough. While the pastry is baking, keep an eye on the cake rising from the oven glass window. After 20 minutes of baking, you should be able to tell if you're on the correct track or not just by looking at it.


7) Allow Time for the Ingredients To Sit

 Butter and rolling pin

Credit: Simply Recipes


Allow at least an hour for room temperature eggs or "softened" butter to sit on your counter before beginning to bake a recipe that calls for them. The eggs should no longer be cold to the touch, and you should be able to easily indent the butter with your fingertip.

It's tempting to zap butter in the microwave to speed things up, but it's far too simple to melt butter instead of softening it. Melted butter does not perform as well as room temperature butter in a recipe, and the cake or frosting will suffer as a result.


8) Flour Everything

 Pastry and rolling pin in flour

Credit: Accent Countertops


Don't go looking for an online cooking lesson just yet if all of your ingredients are sticking together. Things will run more smoothly if you add flour to your tools. To keep the dough from sticking to your work area, dust it with flour, as well as your rolling pins and your hands. Flour will help you work faster and more neatly when using a knife or cookie cutter.


9) Don’t Throw Away Cake That Is Dried Out

 Cake pops

Credit: Food Network


Have you ever made a cake that didn't rise or dried out? Don't be concerned! Combine the cooked pieces, a little frosting, and melted chocolate in a food processor. Roll into balls, place a popsicle stick in the center, and freeze. Cover with more melted chocolate and chill until ready to serve. And there you have it: cake pops!


10) Have Patience

 Sourdough rising

Credit: Taste of Home


Baking is a meticulously organized procedure in which each stage is critical. As a result, cutting corners may result in substandard results.

Because sourdough requires half a day to rise properly, cutting the time in half will result in a brick of dough. A gorgeous, airy meringue on top of a cake or cookie lends a dreamy, cloud-like touch, but whisking those egg whites to a firm peak takes time.

Baking talents require time to master. You're bound to make a mistake now and then. The question is where you might make these errors and how you'll deal with them.


11) Make Sure You’re Using the Right Cake Pan

 Cake Tins

Credit: Serious Eats


If you bake your cake in the wrong size tin, it can take less or more time to cook. Because black tins absorb more heat than plain metal tins, check the cake a few minutes earlier — and rotate a square tin halfway through baking to avoid burnt corners.


12) Get To Know Your Oven

 Oven Thermometer

Credit: Epicurious


The majority of cakes are baked at 180°C or 160°C. To ensure that your oven temperature is correct, use an oven thermometer (which can be purchased for as low as $5). Bake on the center shelf to ensure that your cake bakes evenly.




There you have it. 12 things that every baker should know, especially if they're just starting out.

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