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Mortar and Pestle

About this item:

  • COMPLETE MORTAR AND PESTLE SET: Large 100% genuine granite stone mortar and pestle set, ideal for grinding spices and herbs for a variety of Mexican, Indian and other dips and dishes. Highly durable and always reliable, our granite masher set gives you total control, balancing texture with flavor. This strong mortar bowl will sit on your kitchen worktop without moving, has 2 cup capacity while the black granite-handled pestle is comfortable with a wide, broad head for easy, effective grinding.
  • THREE FREE SUPER-HANDY ACCESSORIES: A great garlic peeler that peels, often hard-to-remove flaky outside skin, a super-handy avocado slicer that slices avocados within seconds into evenly sized slices that can grace any culinary dish or be crushed with your herbs and spices for delicious guacamole, and we’ve added a flexible silicone spatula to scrape the bowl and ensure none of your dips, spices and other ingredients are left behind.
  • PROMOTES THE USE OF FRESH INGREDIENTS FOR MORE FLAVORSOME MEALS: The mortar and pestle has been a traditional kitchen tool for many years, no professional kitchen is without one. One of the best implements to crush, grind, mash and powder a range of tangy, fresh herbs, spices, and essential oils. Made from solid, durable granite, its non-porous qualities are the ideal material as they don’t absorb the ingredients, so you get the full, vibrant, mouth-watering flavors, in your culinary dishes.
  • PERFECT FOR SPICE LOVERS: If you love spices to jazz up your cuisine, this mortar and pestle is an absolute must in your kitchen. Just add your choice of natural, fresh spices, mix in a little garlic and a bit of oil and get grinding. Add crushed avocado to make a truly delicious guacamole or throw in some chopped tomatoes for a scrumptious salsa, the perfect accompaniments to sizzling tortillas.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Know someone that loves to cook with fresh herbs and spices? Our attractive, elegant mortar and pestle makes the perfect gift for any winning MasterChef. This is the perfect kitchen mortar and pestle set for anyone that loves preparing and cooking absolutely delicious, spicy food using completely fresh ingredients. With the free garlic peeler, avocado slicer and spatula, it’s time to get spicy in the kitchen.


What better way to get the best flavors and aromas from fresh, natural spices, herbs and other ingredients than by grinding them all together with a little oil in our attractive, elegant mortar and pestle. By using the old-fashioned, traditional method of grinding your ingredients together to make a spicy paste or saucy dip elevates the aromas of the spices and herbs, delivering awesome flavor and texture to any dish.

Made from 100% natural granite and marble, our mortar and pestle set exudes charm and authenticity, and would easily fit into a modern or more traditional style kitchen. By giving the large sized mortar bowl, capable of holding up to 2 cups, a square base and ergonomic design so that it stays firmly in place on your work surface and is extremely comfortable to use, whilst the round-shaped bowl ensures none of the ingredients get stuck in corners. Non-porous, durable granite ensures that all the flavor and textures of your spices and herbs are not absorbed,

Granite is long-lasting and highly durable, and its solid weight with textured surface ensures it is comfortable and easy to use. Once you have finished using the mortar and pestle, simply wipe with a sponge under running warm water to remove any residue and odors.

This stunning, elegant mortar and pestle set comes with a free garlic peeler to remove the skin off a clove of garlic swiftly and easily, without damaging the garlic clove. There is also a super-handy, super-quick avocado slicer – making your own guacamole has never been so easy. The flexible silicone spatula ensures no paste or dip is left behind with smooth scraping.

No kitchen should be without our superb mortar and pestle set, and it makes a great gift, too. Now you really can spice up your cuisine.


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