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Crème Brulee Set

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  • SO, YOU’VE BEEN ON THE HUNT FOR A RESISTANT REFILLABLE COOKING TORCH? You’ve spent hours on research - we know you like mac and cheese, but when you feel like getting more adventurous in the kitchen, you should try our cooking Flame gas torch. It'll help you make culinary masterpieces, including gratins and meringues, perfectly seared meats, and, of course, cream brulee. camping gun jewelry master handheld refill micro sear burner. art can gauge refill, pastry, soldering, grill, desserts
  • WE BET YOU WON’T FIND A BETTER CULINARY TORCH KIT! Prepare restaurant quality dessert at home with the Pepe Nero Refillable Chef's Torch, which is fully equipped with high-end features a reasonable included. Get precise charring and browning and you'll be proud to serve at your next dinner party. It features an ergonomic handle black /sliver , a quick-refill design, a safety lock ,and an easy push button ignition system. It is durable in camping and metal solder. It is a great adjustable Torch
  • FIRE THINGS UP! FUN USES FOR OUR COOKING TORCH: BBQ, MEAT, HEAT Caramelizing the sugar top of a crème brûlée might be what comes to mind when you think of using a torch, but there are actually a wide range of ways to use this one in the kitchen: glazing, baking or fruit on top of a ham, browning the top of meringues and tarts, flash searing a piece of fish, toasting breadcrumbs, and torching wood to impart a smoky flavor to a dish or cocktail. It is A great tool - It is a great Kitchen Torch.
  • YOUR KIDS’ SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY: With a safety small lock to ensure it can’t ignite accidentally, and a sturdy fixed base to stop it falling over when you set it down, the Pepe Nero propane culinary torch has the best protection head on the market. Say ‘hello’ to the safest torch you will ever buy. Your pets will be safe too. Do not waste your money on all those Ineligible cheaply made mini or micro torches that break and stop working after a while. Safe and durable It is a dab Kichen Torch.
  • WE ARE EVERYWHERE! TRUST THOSE WHO ALREADY BOUGHT IT: “Fantastic”, “happy”, “best culinary propane butane torch”, “five stars” are just some of the comments made by our satisfied customers. Τhey know how to cook easy and they speak the good food language. It is the best gift for dessert, art, food ,camping, cook, gadgets lovers . You will get Whisker / egg beater set for free!

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