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Bartender Kit - 27 Piece Set


About this item:

  • COMPLETE BARTENDER KIT: For all amateur and professional bartenders out there, this is the ultimate bartending kit you need.  Our complete bartender kit includes two Boston shakers, one 27oz and one 20oz, plus a range of other bartending accessories to make the most exotic, delicious, mouth-watering cocktails you can imagine.  
  • FABULOUS BAR ACCESSORIES: Our complete bartender kit comes with a variety of bar and cocktail accessories, which no mixologist should be without. Hygienically chill your cocktails with the Shakertool ice tongs. The bottle opener and wine opener are super-handy and with 4 liquor pourers, adding the different ingredients has never been easier. Mix it all together before shaking with the mixing spoon and using the julep strainers, large and small sizes to avoid any unwanted sediment -  as well as a squeeze of lemon using the lemon squeezer.  A 15ml and 30ml jigger and wooden muddle scale up your bartending skills and to top off your cocktails, there are 6 straw brushes.
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND NIGHTS OUT: What better way to get a party started than by serving cocktails made by you with this complete bartender kit.  Whether it’s for a party, a night in, or a night out, our complete bartender kit comes in a handy, highly portable canvas bag.  Made with a tote bag material and an inner bag for extra protection, as well as dedicated pockets inside for each and every accessory of the kit, it’s the best pick-up-and-go bartending kit you will ever need.
  • STYLISH, ELEGANT, AND RUST RESISTANT: We’ve made sure your bartender kit is not only stylish and elegant, the perfect way to grace any bar, it is also rust-resistant and durable. Highly attractive with a brushed finish, every piece of the bartender kit has been thoughtfully made with high quality, durable materials and coated to prevent rust.  You’ll mix many drinks for years to come with this kit.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA: Looking for the perfect gift for friends or family that loves cocktails?  Look no further; our complete bartender kit makes the ideal and highly practical gift for just about anyone.  Whether it’s for a birthday or anniversary, or just to say thank you, this highly usable gift will get any party started in no time.



What better way to get any party started than with our stylish, elegant bartender kit, complete with a multitude of accessories that will turn you into a hit cocktail maker.  This complete bar set is made from high quality food grade stainless steel with a lovely brushed finish, ensuring no rust or corrosion.  The Boston shakers are thickened and beautifully weighted to ensure a balanced feel.  They will never leak and never jam.  Simple and easy to use, any bartender, amateur or professional, will be making fantastically delicious, mouth-watering cocktails in no time.

Elegantly gracing any home bar or table, our complete bar set includes a 20oz and 27oz shaker, ice tongs, wine opener and bottle opener, 3 strainers, a jigger and a wooden muddler, 4 liquor pourers, a bar spoon and additional spoon, a lemon zester and a lemon squeezer, 6 straws and all contained in a beautifully-made canvas bag for excellent portability.

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