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October 03, 2022 4 min read


Are you having trouble coming up with gift suggestions for a bartender friend of yours? You might have a pal who enjoys occasionally mixing up something special for you or, a member of your family who is a master mixologist and creates magnificent concoctions for any celebration. Whatever the occasion, we've compiled a list of the top 10 bar gifts for mixologists. Let's get started.


The Best Gifts for Mixologists


Below is a list of the top 10 gift ideas for a mixologist or cocktail enthusiast in your life:


1)  27-Piece Professional Bartender Kit and Cocktail Shaker from Pepe Nero

 A 27 piece bar tender kit from Pepe Nero

 Credit: Pepe Nero


This Pepe Nero 27-Piece kit includes everything you need for cocktail making. It includes two cocktail shakers, a mixing glass, three different strainers, a bottle opener, a double-sided jigger, a wooden muddler, ice tongs, a lemon juicer, liquor bottle pourers, a lemon zester, metal straws, a bar spoon, and more making it ideal for both experienced and novice mixologists. The bar tools in this kit make it simple to make any type of drink you can imagine.

When employing so many tools, it is important to be organized. Thankfully, this set also includes a handy carrying case and makes sure that each tool has its own space. The Pepe Nero kit is a must-have for traveling!


2)  Smoking Gun Pro from Breville Polyscience

 A black and silver smoking gun from Breville Polyscience

  Credit: Breville


A smoking gun can help a regular home bartender advance to the next level. These posh gadgets, which you may have seen at cocktail bars, aren't just for show; they can greatly improve the flavor of classic cocktails. Anyone who enjoys experimentation and recreation will find this equipment to be quite helpful. 


3)  Smoking Cloche from TMKEFFC

 A glass smoking cloche with a wooden stand from TMKEFFC

  Credit: TMKEFFC


A home bartender will also require a smoking cloche in addition to a smoking gun. They can use a variety of herbs, spices, and wood to make amazing drinks with smoke utilizing this cloche. This charming home smoker is perfect for inventive bartenders who want to experiment.


4)  True Zesty Citrus Zester and Channel Knife

 A silver twisty zesty knife

  Credit: True Zesty


Cocktails are better with a citrus twist. The True Zesty knife is the best gift set for bartenders to create zests, spirals, and twists whether at the bar or around the kitchen. It can also be used for chocolate and nutmeg.


5)  Decanter and Tumbler Set from Viski

A Viski clear bottle and whiskey glass set



Since every great home bar requires a good decanter and rocks glasses, this Viski three-piece set is the ideal present. A good decanter must have lead-free crystal and a tight seal to prevent oxidation of the liquid inside which is exactly what the Viski set provides. Give this set to someone who enjoys whiskey or is simply adding to their home bar.


6)  Craft Bitters Aromatic from Angostura

 A bottle of Craft Bitters Aromatic from Angostura with a yellow cap

  Credit: Angostura


Bitters are one of the most important ingredients in a cocktail. Since these tiny bottles pack a potent punch of peppery, botanical flavor, drink recipes often only call for a few drops or dashes of this flavoring. You can find Angostura bitters in almost any bar. The reddish-brown bitters are an essential ingredient in any classic Old Fashioned and have a pleasant aroma of fruits and spices, making it the ideal present for a mixologist.


7)  Bounty Indoor Garden by AeroGarden

 A black hydroponic garden with fresh herbs growing in the bowl

  Credit: AeroGarden


Along with bitters and fresh citrus, many classic cocktail recipes also call for a few fresh herbs. What better gift to give to a mixologist than a hydroponic garden to provide them with access to herbs like mint, rosemary, and basil? This useful gift would be appreciated by any home cook or bartender.


8)  Crew Bottle by Crew Supply Co.

 A person using a Crafty Crew Bottle with infused spirits and pouring it into a glass jar

  Credit: Crew Supply Co


The Crafty Crew Bottle, which was made expressly for infusing, enables home bartenders to experiment with their own infused spirits. To distinguish a collection of infused alcoholic beverages, the simple-to-open bottom is offered in a range of colors.

The 850ml capacity of the leak-proof Crew Bottle makes it the optimum container for mixing, pouring, and storing liquid components. This bottle makes the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts.


9)  Advanced Mixology Authentic Moscow Mule Mugs

 A set of copper mule mugs with ice and lime on the top

  Credit: Moscow Mule Mugs


No bar cart is complete without this set of Moscow mule mugs. These mugs have a rounded cup and a hammered finish, giving them the look of a traditional Moscow Mule mug. Each of the company's mugs is manufactured entirely of copper and treated with food-safe lacquer.

This kit, which is perfect for the home entertainer, comes with a stirring spoon, coasters, copper cocktail straws, a shot glass for measuring, and when it's time to call it a night, a special brush for cleaning the mugs.


10)Barrel Aged in a Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral

 Barrel-aged spirals to add to alcohol to experiment with oak aged flavours

  Credit: Oak Infusion Spiral


Barrel-aged drinks are now widely available, which are finished cocktails that have been rested in a little barrel for a few days to impart rich, velvety woody overtones. The Barrel Aged in a Bottle from Oak Infusion Spiral is made of American wood and has intense #3 levels of charring and fits easily into the neck of any 750 ml bottle. Give this gadget to budget-conscious bartenders so that they can now experiment with oak-aged flavors without damaging one of their precious barrels.




When thinking of gifts to give bartenders, the creative alternatives are endless. There is a tonne of great merchandise available. To come up with a gift that will make your friend happy, you need to think about it a little. The best gifts for bartenders include everything they require to slice, dice, zest, mix, and pour. 

Our top pick on this list is the Pepe Nero bartending kit. With the help of this set, your bartender friend won't require any additional tools.


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