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September 12, 2022 4 min read


This summer, a cucumber mule with lots of ice is exactly what you need. The addition of two important ingredients: cucumber and mint, gives this version of the original Moscow Mule a refreshing summer flavor. The freshness of these ingredients gives the mule's current ginger beer and freshly pressed lime the appropriate lazy-day lift. With that said, get to know more about how the Moscow Mule came about and how to make this recipe with a little twist.


History of the Moscow Mule


A moscow mule in a copper mug garnished with cucumber and ice



Many legendary cocktails have a strange and intriguing history attached to them. The Moscow Mule is supposed to have originated in the 1940s in the USA. Vodka wasn't a prevalent alcoholic beverage over there, and it was commonly mocked as a Russian beverage.

John G. Martin, a liquor store owner, took a chance and purchased a vodka brand in the United States, only to be disappointed. No one in the country was drinking vodka at the time. He then decided to go to an L.A. bar to speak to the owner and his friend, Jack Morgan, as well as his girlfriend, Ošelín Schmidt. Morgan had a failing ginger beer side operation, with cases mounting up in his basement with nowhere else to go. Schmidt had acquired a copper business and a backlog of copper mugs from her father. The three of them agreed to get together in a last-ditch effort to figure out what to do about the problems that were dragging them down and thus the Moscow Mule was born.


What Is a Moscow Mule?


A group of people clinking their glasses together ready to drink their Moscow mule

Credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images


The Moscow Mule is a famous vodka-based drink for a reason: it's delicious, refreshing, and simple to create. It is usually served in an ice-cold copper mug.

Vodka, ginger beer, and lime are combined to make this easy cocktail. It's a drink that doesn't require any special tools and is made right in the copper mug. While using a copper mug for serving is always recommended, it isn't required and shouldn't prevent you from preparing a Moscow Mule.


Why Are Moscow Mules Offered in Copper Cups?


Two pitted copper mugs on a table with copper straws

Credit: New York Magazine


Mule mugs, or copper mugs, are the perfect serving cup for any Moscow Mule variant.

Copper mugs keep your drink extremely cold for an extended period of time, making it feel far more refreshing than any other cocktail. These copper mugs are made entirely by hand from 100% pure high-quality, food-safe copper. On the inside, they're nickel-plated, which is required since copper reacts with acids like lime. Sure, a Moscow Mule tastes great in a conventional cocktail glass, but there's just something about these mugs that makes them truly unique.


How Do You Make a Moscow Mule With Cucumber?


The best part about a Moscow Mule is that you can personalize the flavor. The Moscow Mule can be transformed by adding any mixed fruit or any flavored vodka. While Moscow Mules are fun to drink and make, a Cucumber Moscow Mule is unrivaled. This delightful cocktail features fresh and crisp muddled cucumbers,  ginger beer, lime juice, and vodka.


Cucumber Moscow Mule Ingredients:


1) Two Ounces of Vodka


A bottle of Titos handmade Vodka on a fence in the garden

Credit: Kenneth C Zirkel


The type of vodka you use can make a big difference. Choose a high-quality vodka, such as Titos or Western Sun Vodka. Lower-quality vodkas can be harsh. Use your favorite if you have one.


2) 4 Ounces of Ginger Beer


Two cans of Cock n Bull Ginger beer

Credit: Zoonar RF/ PR Newswire


The Moscow Mule's characteristic flavor comes from the ginger beer. As a result, you must ensure that you select a high-quality brand. You may try Cock & Bull. It has just the proper quantity of ginger for a little spice without being overly sweet and has the right amount of heat.


3) 1 Lime (Fresh)


A freshly cut lime and a whole lime on a countertop

Credit: Ivar Leidus


Bottled lime juice should not be substituted for lime. If you must, do so, but make every effort to use freshly squeezed lime juice. This will have a significant impact on the cocktail's result.


4) 3 Fresh Cucumber Slices


Two cucumbers with some slices on a white plate on a white table top

Credit: Sakata Wholesale Vegetable Seed


This Cucumber Mule recipe calls for a fresh cucumber, as it will muddle better than an older, drier one. Your cucumber should be juicy.


5) Mint Leaves


Some fresh mint leaves on a wooden table counter

Credit: The Spruce Eats


This recipe will be even more refreshing if you add fresh mint to it. Make sure it's fresh, not dried, or you'll end up with pieces of mint leaves everywhere.



Two Moscow Mules in copper mugs with Jalapeno peppers and lime as a garnish

Credit: Salty Canary


1) Cut a cucumber into four slices and place them in the bottom of a copper mug.

2) Toss in a handful of fresh mint and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

3) Use a wooden spoon or muddler to mash the cucumber and mint into the lime juice. It doesn't need to be puréed; just lightly mashed would suffice.

4) Combine the vodka and ginger beer and add ice.

5) Give it a good swirl, then add another cucumber and a sprig of mint for garnish.

6) Serve it chilled.


Note: Any sort of fruit can be muddled with the classic Moscow Mule ingredients (ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice), and it always tastes great. This Mule would be fantastic with raspberries as a substitute.

If you like cucumber flavor, cucumber vodka can be substituted for ordinary vodka. Remove the cucumbers from the recipe if you don't like a lot of cucumber flavor.



Summer days by the pool call for refreshing cocktails. Nothing beats the heat like an icy cold beverage. This recipe is guaranteed to take the heat away and get you moving. While you're here, check out Pepe Nero's bartending kit for the complete bartending experience. With Pepe Nero, you'll be serving drinks like an expert in no time!


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