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November 22, 2022 4 min read


Wooden rolling pins can last for decades if cared for properly. But, cleaning them is a bit trickier compared to modern ceramic or plastic ones. You can't just rinse it under water since wood absorbs moisture, which might cause it to rot or break down over time. If you want your wooden rolling pin to stay in top shape for as long as possible, keep reading to learn the right way to clean it.


How to Clean a Wooden Rolling Pin



To keep your wood rolling pin clean, follow these steps:


Step 1: Scrape Off Any Stuck On Dough

First off, grab a dry kitchen brush or a bench scraper to brush away any bits of dough stuck in the grooves of your wooden rolling pin. It's important to do this gently to make sure you don't scratch the wood.


Step 2: Wipe it Clean

Next, lightly dampen a cloth and carefully wipe down the rolling pin. Go over the entire surface until it's completely clean and all the leftover bits are gone. Make sure to use a cloth that's damp, not soaking wet, to avoid damaging the wood.


Step 3: Rinse With Hot Water

This step is optional and can be used if any stubborn bits refuse to come out. If you decide to go for it, use only hot water and skip the soap or detergent. Also, make sure to rinse quickly without soaking the wood.


Step 4: Dry Completely

The final and crucial step is to thoroughly dry your rolling pin. Use a clean, dry dish towel to wipe off any lingering moisture. After that, leave the rolling pin out to air dry completely.


Tips To Keep in Mind When Cleaning Wooden Rolling Pins


To prolong the life of a wooden rolling pin, consider these cleaning tips:


1)  Avoid Using Soap

While it's normal to wash your other kitchen tools with soap, it's best to avoid using soap or any harsh cleaners on wooden rolling pins. These can strip away the wood's natural oils, reducing its lifespan.


2)  Do Not Wash in the Dishwasher

It's important to remember that most wooden utensils, including your wooden rolling pin, are not dishwasher safe. The dishwasher can cause the wood to dry out and eventually crack. Instead, stick to hand washing.


3)  Do Not Leave Your Rolling Pin Soaking in Water

When dough gets stuck on your rolling pin, soaking it might seem like an easy solution. But can cause it to warp, change shape, or even split.

Plus, if your rolling pin includes handles or metal elements, there's really no good way to fully dry its insides after soaking. This can cause the metal to rust. Instead of soaking, the best approach is to gently scrape off the dough and rinse the rolling pin under hot water.


Do You Need to Condition Wooden Rollers?


A wooden rolling pin on a fresh batch of dough ready to be rolled

Credit: Envato Elements/ Artem_ka


Although not required, conditioning can provide a waterproof coating that keeps pastry from sticking and helps the wood stay moisturized.

If your rolling pin's wood appears dry, opt for a food-grade mineral oil that won't go bad. Avoid lard, salad bowl oil, vegetable or olive oil, as they can spoil quickly. Coconut oil is a a good choice.

Another option is block oil, which is designed specifically for wooden tools like cutting boards and salad bowls. It has ingredients like vitamin E, lemon oil, refined seed oil, and carotene.

To condition your wooden rolling pin, pour a few drops of oil on a cloth. Then, rub the oil soaked cloth all over the pin. Lastly, use a fresh cloth to wipe off any extra oil.


How Often Should You Oil A Wooden Rolling Pin?


This will depend on how frequently you use it and the climate where you live. If you live in a cold, dry place, you might want to oil your rolling pin every time you clean it. But if you live in a warm, humid area, you might only need to oil it when it starts to feel dry.


How to Remove Mold From Wooden Rolling Pins?


Some wooden spoons with different colored woods and handles

Credit: Envato Elements/ MPPLLC45


Even the best wooden rolling pins can be destroyed by mold. Although you can use bleach to kill some of the mold, there is no guarantee that it will get rid of all mold spores hiding inside the surface of your wood. To keep your food safe, it's best to toss out your rolling pin. It's not worth the risk of getting sick.


How Should You Store Your Wooden Rolling Pin Properly?


To keep your wooden rolling pin in top condition, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Avoid storing it near heat sources like stoves or ovens, as extreme temperatures can cause the wood to warp or crack. Additionally, consider storing it horizontally rather than vertically to prevent any potential bending or warping over time.




Wooden rolling pins are an essential cooking tool that are best used to make breads and pastries. Due to poor maintenance, replacing wooden pins frequently can end up costing more in the long run. Knowing how to care for your them can help you keep your pin in good condition for a longer time.

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