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November 22, 2022 4 min read


Wooden rolling pins can survive for decades with appropriate care. However, these rolling pins may be a little more difficult to maintain than contemporary ceramic or plastic rolling pins. To ensure their longevity, continue reading to find out how to clean a wooden rolling pin.


Cleaning a Wooden Rolling Pin

 A variety of wooden spoons lying on a kitchen counter

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To effectively clean your wood rolling pin, follow these steps:


Step 1:  Use a Dry Kitchen Brush To Scrub the Rolling Pin Clean


To begin, start by using a dry kitchen brush or bench scraper to remove any dough that has lodged in the grooves of your wooden rolling pin. While doing this, make sure that you are careful enough to avoid scratching your rolling pin.


Step 2:  Use a Damp Cloth


Next, use a damp cloth to gently wipe the rolling pin until it is thoroughly clean and free of any residue.


Step 3:  Rinse With Hot Water


This step is optional and is to be used only if your rolling pin requires further cleaning. While doing this, avoid using soap or detergent.


Step 4:  Dry Completely


The last and most important step is to use a dry dish towel to wipe away any remaining moisture from the rolling pin and let it air dry.


Tips To Keep in Mind When Cleaning Wooden Rolling Pins

 A wooden rolling pin on some flour on a marble countertop

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To prolong the life of a wooden rolling pin, consider these cleaning tips:


1)  Avoid Using Soap


Even while it is common to clean your other cooking utensils with soap, it is advisable to never use soap or anything that can dry the wood when cleaning wooden cooking tools, such as a wooden roller. This shortens the lifespan of your rolling pin by removing the natural oils from the wood.


2)  Do Not Wash in the Dishwasher


Most wooden utensils are not dishwasher safe. Therefore, even while it may be tempting to simply toss your wooden rolling pin into the dishwasher, doing so will cause it to dry out and eventually shatter. Therefore, refrain from doing so.


3)  Do Not Leave Your Rolling Pin Soaking in Water


If the dough is stuck to your rolling pin, it could be tempting to soak it. But this can cause the wood to bow, deform, or even break. Additionally, there is no feasible method to entirely dry the inside of the rolling pin if it has handles and other metal components; as a result, the metal can corrode while wet. Therefore, it is much better to scrape and clean the stuck dough off the pin rather than soaking it.


Is It Important To Condition Wooden Rollers?

 A wooden rolling pin on a fresh batch of dough ready to be rolled

Credit: Envato Elements/ Artem_ka


Wooden rolling pins are frequently treated with food-grade mineral oil after cleaning to provide a waterproof coating that keeps the pastry from sticking to it and keeps the wood from drying out. Even while you are not required to do this, doing so can help your rolling pin last longer. But how do you condition your rolling pin and what kind of oil should you use?

If the wood in your rolling pin seems to be drying out, use a food-safe oil that won't become rancid. Since they quickly turn rancid oils such as lard, vegetable or olive oil, or any salad bowl oil shouldn't be used. On the other hand, coconut oil is a rather stable oil that doesn't rapidly turn rancid.

Additionally, block oil is a substance designed specifically for lubricating wooden implements like cutting boards and salad bowls; it can also be an excellent solution for rolling pins made of wood. It has vitamin E, lemon oil, refined seed oil, and carotene and won't become rancid.

When conditioning your wooden rolling pin, pour a few drops of oil on a cloth. After that, rub the rolling pin's entire surface with the oil-soaked cloth. Use a fresh cloth to remove all of the extra oil.


How Often Should You Oil A Wooden Rolling Pin?

 A rolling pin next to some eggs and wheat

Credit: Envato Elements/ furmanphoto


Depending on how frequently you use it and the climate where you live, the answer to this question will vary. For instance, those who live in warm, humid areas need to oil their wood less frequently than those who live in cold, dry regions. The time of year may also have an impact on how often your wooden roller needs to be oiled or conditioned. In general, you can oil your wooden rolling pin after each cleanup if you reside in a cold, dry climate. If you reside in a humid area, you can oil it when it seems dry.


How Can You Remove Mold From Wooden Rolling Pins?

 Some wooden spoons with different colored woods and handles

Credit: Envato Elements/ MPPLLC45


Even the best wooden rolling pins can be destroyed by mold. Although you can use bleach to kill some mold on the pin, there is no guarantee that it will eliminate all mold spores hiding inside the surface of your wood. To prevent any issues with food safety, it is better to discard your pin if you feel that mold is growing on it.




Wooden rolling pins are an essential cooking tool that is best used to make bread and pastries. Due to poor maintenance, replacing wooden pins frequently can cost more in the long run. As a result, knowing how to care for your wooden rolling pin can help you keep your faithful pin in good condition for a longer period.


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