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February 22, 2023 3 min read


Aspiring home bartenders require some basic bar supplies, and a bar spoon is the most basic of all. Before you run out and get a pair for your home bar, let's quickly go over what bar spoons are and why you might need one.


What Is a Bar Spoon?

 bar spoon with limes and mixer

Credit: Envato Elements/ Shaiith


Simply put, bar spoons are the spoons that bartenders use to stir drinks. But what sets them apart from other spoons? Although there are many different types, you'll usually discover that a bar spoon holds roughly 2.5ml of liquid, are always at least 12 inches long, and frequently feature a spiral handle.


Types of Bar Spoons


Bar spoons can be divided into three basic categories: Japanese, European, and American.


1) Japanese Style Spoon

 Japanese style bar spoon

Credit: Barfly


Japanese bar spoons can reach lengths of up to 40 cm, making them generally longer than their western counterparts. The popular teardrop shape and design aren't just for classy looks; the bigger tip adds weight for a better center of gravity while pouring a drink.


2) European Style Spoon

 European Style Bar Spoon

Credit: Beaumont


European bar spoons feature a flat end that is used to muddle ingredients and stack liqueurs. This common bar spoon is a bigger tool with more style, and it frequently has a disk or hammer connected to the end. The handle is made of spirals of stainless steel.


3) American Style Spoon

 American Style Bar Spoon

Credit: Beaumont


The American Bar Spoon features a tip that is covered with a red rubber cap rather than a disk to hide the spoon's unfinished end. Even though the stem has a tiny bend in the middle, it cannot be used to stack drinks. These bar spoons are the least expensive of the bunch.


Why Use Bar Spoons?


Everyone knows that bar spoons are essential for cocktail making but how do they really help? Scroll down below to find out:


1) Bar Spoons Are Used to Stir Drinks

 bartender mixing drink with bar spoon

Credit: Envato Elements/ dolgachov


Bar spoons are essential to making a properly stirred cocktail. If you don't have a bar spoon, you can try using a long-handled spoon or some chopsticks, but neither will ever give you the same results as a bar spoon.


2) Bar Spoons Are Used to Crack Ice and Layer Drinks

 bartender using bar spoon in drink

Credit: Envato Elements/ LightFieldStudio


Other than stirring, bar spoons are also popularly used for layering drinks. For those who are unfamiliar, layering a drink entails adding liquids of varying densities to the glass one at a time, beginning with the heaviest, to produce a layered effect. Additionally, these handy tools have also proven helpful in cracking ice.


3) Bar Spoons Make It Simpler to Create Flawlessly Blended Drinks

 bar spoon with drink

Credit: Envato Elements/ Stockfilmstudio


Using a bar spoon correctly is the simplest way to make a perfectly mixed drink without stressing out. This is especially true if the spoon is robust and ergonomically designed. Using a good bar spoon and a deft touch will prevent hand cramps and improperly mixed drinks.


How Much Does a Bar Spoon Cost?

 bar spoon with limes and oranges and mixer

Credit: Envato Elements/ Shaiith


If this blog has convinced you to get a bar spoon, you might be wondering how much this essential bar tool might cost you. Simple bar spoons won't put a serious dent in your bank account. They cost approximately $1 on Amazon. 

If you are an amateur building a bar set from scratch, you can just go for a bartending set instead of buying each tool separately. These sets, like the one from Pepe Nero, include all the necessities, including a mixing glass, a muddler, a cocktail shaker, a bar spoon, and more.




With the use of bar spoons, you can improve your bartending skills to levels that will impress your family and friends. If you are looking to perfect your cocktail recipes, check out our complete bartending set. From mixing glasses to bar spoons, we have every tool you need to serve the perfect cocktail.

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